Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is only a week away! Does that sentence fill you with joy or panic? If you’ve not finished your gift shopping, it’s likely that it’s the latter. But, you can relax, we’re here for you with brilliant last minute gifts — just get your orders in before the 21st of December and we’ll help you get Christmas off without a hitch. We honestly believe slippers are a timeless and wonderful gift for every member of your family, and what a cracking selection it is!

For the glamorous woman

Who doesn’t love glitter? It’s Christmas soon, and then it’s New Year, can you honestly expect to get through those events without a heavy dose of sparkle. So, to solve this conundrum, we have a brilliant suggestion for you, our Gracie mule slipper.

Available in either a glimmering gold or silver, these ladies slippers are the perfect addition to the winter wardrobe, and makes for a great pair of shoes to slip into when you’re feet are tired of partying! Beyond looking incredible, these winter warmers are lined with genuine shearling wool which sits on top of memory foam footbeds, so it’s like walking on a cosy cloud.

For the ladies with permanently cold feet

Are you one of those annoying people who puts their cold feet on others to warm themselves up? We’re not judging, we do it too! And, if it’s not you, you definitely know someone who does it.

The solution to this particular problem (in our humble opinion) is wrap yourself up in faux fur from the ankle down. We have a few options for that, and today, we’re going to show you our Poppy Luxury Fur Slipper Boot.

Women's Poppy Cream Luxury Fur Slipper Boots Lazy Dogz

The faux fur lining throughout helps your feet quickly become toasty, and the knitted exterior helps trap the warmth that your feet have exuded. This beautiful cycle will help you forget the winter outside, and keep your loved ones safe from the wrath of your cold toes.

Like our Gracie slipper, the Daisy boot has memory foam footbeds to keep your feet supported as you walk. If all that wasn’t enough, a tough TPR sole is there to make you blissfully unaware of changes to surface changes underfoot.

For the classical gentleman

Like James Bond, Twinings tea and Yorkshire puddings, there are just some things that go without saying. One of those things is that barefeet will never hold a candle to the dignity of a fine pair of moccasins or driving style slippers.

First up is our Benson navy slipper, which is a brilliant choice for that archetypal gentleman who fancies something just a little bit different this year.

Benson Navy Suede Moccasin Slippers

The red accenting helps bring a new edge to this classic styling choice. The moccasin design comfortably envelopes your feet and provides support right down to the toes. The faux fur lining is double brushed to achieve maximum softness, whilst the TPR outer sole protects your feet on a variety of surfaces.

If a flash of red isn’t your thing, then consider our ultimately subtle slipper, the Clifford in black or grey. Here, the red stitching has been replaced with a clean white, and the decoration is a single toggle. The effect is striking, it’s simple and yet interesting to the eye, with the lining matching this muted palette.

Men's Clifford Black Suede Moccasin Slippers Lazy Dogz

By this point, you might have noticed a theme, and we’re going to continue it right now. Memory foam footbeds! Yes, you guessed it, these brilliant driving style moccasins are warm, supportive and endlessly stylish.


For the gentleman who’s in a hurry

Sometimes there isn’t time to fiddle with your shoes, you just need your toes to be warm, now! This is where a mule slipper comes in.

Men's Banjo Navy Suede Mule Slippers Lazy Dogz

Our Banjo slipper is effortless to get on or off, it’s your choice whether you slip them on gently or kick them off with a flick. The aesthetics are simple and clean, with the small flashes of the faux fur lining just hinting at the level of comfort inside. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience. Like our other slippers, the Banjo boasts memory foam footbeds and double brushed faux fur linings. All of this is to keep your feet cosy as you roam around your palace, domain, or whatever else you call your home. What makes the Banjo such a great gift it that it’s almost impossible to dislike, and what more can you really hope for when giving a Christmas gift? Whether it’s the first time you’re buying someone a Christmas gift, or whether you’ve known them for decades, how reassuring is it to know almost unconditionally that they’re going to love it? We can’t tell you what that means to us.

So what are you waiting for? Get onto your shopping, and be sure to take a look at our full, beautiful and luxurious collections. Make sure you’ve ordered before the 21st of December, and watch as your gift lights up the faces of your loved ones. Merry Christmas.

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