Welcome to the Family: Beach Dogz Sandals

We’ve welcomed some new arrivals to the Dogz family, and we’re so excited to share them with you! We’re proud to introduce you to Beach Dogz!

We’ll never deny that slippers are the perfect addition to your wardrobe, they always are. But when you’re outside of the house, they aren’t always the right choice. So when you’re out and about, we’ve got something new for you to try.

These brand new additions to the family all come with just as many features as their fuzzy counterparts. That means that every pair has suede footbeds, memory foam underfoot and EVA soles for cushioning and shock absorption. This means that Beach Dogz are the ideal choice to wander through the English countryside with. They’re also great on sand, so feel confident in your choice to take them to the beach (the clue’s in the name after all!). But what really sets them apart and we’re particularly proud to say that they’re classically and endlessly stylish. So they look at home walking along the Riviera too!

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of choices we’ve just thrown into your life, we’re not sorry. We love each of our designs equally, they’re like our children after all. With that said, we can give you some guidance based on what your own style preferences are.

For Her

For the subtly sparkling ladies;


The Rosie sandals in silver combine style and comfort with a little bit of shine. Beyond being ridiculously comfortable, these are also shoes which are very easy to style. For our photo shoot, we paired our sandals with white skinny jeans and a blue and white striped shirt. They’re also perfect as the accent item for an all black ensemble, or alongside any other block colour outfit. The beauty of the Rosie sandal is that she can be as dressed up or dressed down as you like, the power is in your hands… or rather, it’s on your feet.

For the statement shoe lover:


If you’re the person who loves having shoes which stand out from crowd, you’re not alone. We love bright, statement accessories, and the Rebel sandals are a fantastic choice, with vibrant coral hues contrasted against matte silver buckles. How you style these wonderful sandals is entirely up to you, we love them as the cherry on top of a smart casual outfit. With that said, they’re perfect with floaty skirts, casual shorts, and they even look great with a pair of jeans. Despite being statement shoes the Rebel in red can be placed alongside a wide variety of colours and textures, so they’ll never sit unused in your summer wardrobe. If you’re on the fence about buying these gorgeous sandals, take our word for it, you’ll get plenty of use out of them.

For Him

The staple shoe


Some days are gloriously busy, and you might be at the beach, on a boat, and roaming through the city all in one afternoon. So you need a shoe that you can take into every new situation, that’s where Milo comes in. The classical leather styling screams effortless sophistication and can easily move between smart casual and relaxed events. Couple all of this with the suede footbed and you have the perfect blend of style and comfort. How you choose to style Milo is of course intensely personal, our initial recommendations would be khakis and a relaxed shirt, but we can’t wait to find out how you’ll choose to wear them.

So what pair is your favourite? We really do want to know, because your feedback will help make our future collections even greater. Until then, we hope you’ll embrace the new members of our family just as warmly as you all embraced Lazy Dogz.

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