The Importance of Good Slippers

What’s worse than an unfortunate accident? To us, it’s worse if the accident is easily preventable. So, we love great quality slippers, that’s not going to surprise anyone. What might surprise you is that the NHS love slippers too, because they could help save up to £2.3bn each year. How? We hear you cry, well, it’s simple, good quality slippers can help prevent people falling. Mull that over for a minute, £2.3bn each year is spent on helping those people who have fallen over in and around the house. Maybe it’s happened to you, to a loved one, or just to someone you know, it happens to people every day.

Around one in three adults over the age of 65 who live at home will have at least 1 fall each year, and half of these will have more frequent falls.

When it comes to safety, not all slippers are created equally. To help keep people safe in their homes, consider buying them slippers that:

  • Are well fitting
  • Have a closed back
  • Have a good grip on the soles
  • Can be fastened
  • Do not have a heel

Having such a list of requirements doesn’t necessarily mean only giving ‘boring’ slippers, it just means looking for ones of a superior quality. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got a few suggestions for you…

Timeless style for him

There’s nothing quite like a moccasin slipper for him, with it’s minimalist stitching and subtle decoration, this style of slipper is perfect for everyone. It’s not too bright or loud, it just gets the job done. We adore our Clifford and Rex slippers for such a gift, what do you think? They both benefit from memory foam insoles and tough TPR outsoles that help keep your feet stay firmly planted on the floor.


Men’s Clifford Slippers:

Men's Clifford Black Suede Moccasin Slippers Lazy Dogz

For the man about town

Slippers don’t just have to be a quiet additions to the wardrobe, they can also be a feature piece. With this in mind we present our Benson and Barkley slippers for your consideration. These driving style slippers are a great way to express the wearer’s personality without ever having to say a word out loud. Like our moccasin slippers, our driving style shoes boast sturdy TPR outsoles and luxurious memory foam footbeds. On top of that they have endlessly soft faux fur linings that help to keep feet warm and cosy all winter long.

Men’s Benson Slippers:

Benson Navy Suede Moccasin Slippers

Men’s Barkley Slippers:

 Men's Barkley Grey Slippers

For timeless style for her

A timeless design can be given to anyone, old or young, they’re timeless after all! This also means that the same pair of slippers can be worn year after year so long as they’re still in good condition. Keep the grip particularly in mind here, this is paramount for safety after all.

To hit all of the above criteria, take a look at our Alice slipper. This beautiful pink slipper suits every skin tone and balances style and comfort effortlessly. The ballerina style hugs the curves of the foot and stays secure even after hours and hours or wear. Like our mens’ slippers, our Alice slipper also has a tough TPR outsole to keep you safe, and memory foam footbeds and faux fur linings to keep your feet cosy all winter long. All of our slippers are presented in a free branded gift box, with a black ribbon decoration and complementary branded cloth slipper bag.

Women’s Alice Slipper:

Women's Alice Pink Ballerina Slipper

Our Bissie slipper is equally a great option for those ladies who like a shoe that will never go out of style.

Women’s Bissie Slipper:

The genuine moccasin construction follows the contours of your feet and the high top provides that extra touch of warmth during the winter. The pom pom decoration is light is light and fun, and adds the modern touch to this truly classic design.


For the colour lover

Sometimes you just need a bright and funky shoe in your life, and slippers don’t have to be boring! Our brighter options like our Ruby and Bella slippers are a brilliant choice for anyone who wants to stamp their personality on their shoes.

Our Bella slipper is another ballerina slipper design and packed full of fluffy faux fur and memory foam. The vibrant fuchsia polka dots and pom pom stand out against the matt black upper.

Women’s Bella Slippers:

 Women's Bella Spotty Ballerina Slippers in Grey

Our Ruby slipper is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t have just one favourite colour. The small embroidered polka dots provide that small pop of colour, whilst the pink cord gives a snug fit and another flash of fun.

Women’s Ruby Slippers:

Women's Ruby Grey Spot Mocassin Slippers

Whatever slipper you choose, make sure that you buy the correct size for the recipient. We provide a full size guide on our website so that you can compare sizes against the other shoes in your collection. Slippers that fit won’t cure every fall, and falls are often the first sign of a larger problem. But they are a good preventative, and a great gift, so what more can you really ask for?

If you haven’t found your dream slipper here, you can take a look at our full collection here. We’re sure you’ll find something you love!

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