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9 Sep 2015

By Bex

The Perfect Lazy Sunday

We all love a lazy Sunday, you’ve had a stressful week at work, the weather’s rubbish and you really don’t want to do anything. So in order to make the perfect lazy Sunday happen we have to be a little bit organised on Saturday. There is nothing worse than being lounged across the sofa and then realising there isn’t a scrap of food in the house because disaster has then struck. You have to leave the house! So we have some Saturday recommendations to make sure that doesn’t happen.

First things first you need a comfy outfit. Chances are if the weather isn’t great it’s going to be a bit chilly (we all know how wonderful the English climate is). So you need a lovely, snuggly hoodie some nice trackie bottoms or if you’re feeling really adventurous go for the onesie. Now the title is the perfect ‘lazy’ Sunday not the perfect smelly Sunday so pop those in the wash for a quick spin on Saturday and all will be well. Now of course if your feet are cold your whole body is cold, so don’t forget your lazydogz!

We like our comfort food on a Sunday and there is nothing better than a slow-cooked casserole or a joint of meat. The best thing about this is you can prepare it all on Saturday leave it in the fridge and then let it cook all day Sunday. Our favourite is a leg of lamb and its super easy. On Saturday coat the lamb with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper and sweet paprika. Leave it in the fridge overnight wrapped in tin foil. On Sunday morning after your lie in (bliss) blast it for half an hour on a high heat and then let it slow cook for 4-5 hours at 120 degrees. You can be cheeky and have microwave mash and veg to go with it but best of all you won’t even need to cut it up because the meat will fall right off the bone.

Last but not least, entertainment. You don’t want to get to mid-afternoon and be bored out of your mind so make sure you have the essentials so keep you going. We love box-sets and even though we’ve all seen every episode of friends let’s be honest, there still hilarious. Who doesn’t love Chandler’s comedy, Rachel’s hair and Joey’s charm. So whatever your choice may be, make sure it’s downloaded or recorded and ready to roll. For those of you who don’t like TV make sure you’ve got yourself a good book. If it’s family entertainment you’re looking for why not try your local garden centre. They often have lots of jigsaws or board games (which always bring out everyone’s competitive side) so you can spend some quality time together without technology for a change.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Bex x  



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