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1 Sep 2015

By Bex

Top 10 tips for looking after your Lazy Dog

We all love our pooches, so here are some top tips to keep them well looked after and out of trouble…

  1. Whether you adopt an older dog or get a puppy make sure the house is safe. Don’t leave exposed wires that they could chew through or leave any human food lying around that could poison them for example, chocolate, grapes and onions.
  2. It gets cold outside in the winter so make sure your dog isn’t cold by having a warm coat or jumper for them to wear. Likewise if we’re lucky enough to have some warm weather (or you like a toasty home) you can buy a cool jacket so they don’t get to hot!
  3. Puppies are especially mischievous, to stop them going upstairs and spoiling the nice new carpet get a baby gate at the bottom to keep them out of trouble.
  4. To snuggle down at night in they need a soft, cosy bed. There are many different varieties from a flat mattress to fur lining, so test the waters and see what your lazy dog prefers.
  5. From experience dogs are curious and may wander off from time to time. Make sure they always return home by having a well-fitting collar and an identity tag with your phone number on. That way when they end up in the pub at the end of the road the landlord can call you and you can run up and get them.
  6. Many dogs like a little space to make their own so why not get them a cage and make it lovely and snuggly so they have somewhere to retreat to.
  7. Not forgetting about food and water, they need a bowl for each. To stop spillages why not try a non-slip bowl.
  8. For all you ladies out there you understand how painful it is to try and untangle knotty hair, it’s the same for your long-haired friend! Make sure you groom them regularly and keep them smelling beautifully by popping them in the bath once in a while.
  9. Play, play, play, your pooch will love to play. So make sure you’re stocked up with toys. Some dogs like rubber toys for their teeth others like the soft ones. Whatever they fancy make sure you have them.
  10. Lastly they need LOVE! Don’t forget to spend time with your lazy dog and spoil them with lots of cuddles. Remember that a dog is for life not just for Christmas.

Lazydogz x



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